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The proposal October 11, 2010

Welcome to my first post in my wedding blog!  You might know me from my other blog that I no longer keep up with very well, All Natural, Single Mothering 101.  If you’re interested in learning about natural parenting, single parenting, dating as a mother, and women’s empowerment, check it out.

If you’re interested in talking cheap, environmentally friendly, fun, and slightly feminist wedding ideas, this is the place for you.

Let me tell you about our relationship.

Jeremy and I met through a dating service.  We almost didn’t get together because I was an idiot.  But eventually I stopped acting like an idiot and we did get together.  We have been together a little over a year now.

Jeremy proposed to me after I got done running my first half marathon.  It was supposed to be a full marathon, but due to an unfortunate turn of events, I did not get to the checkpoint in time, and was redirected onto the half marathon course.  He wanted to propose at the finish line, but because of my redirection, and where he and my family had positioned themselves to cheer for me, I beat them to the finish line.  We found each other after the race, and surprise!  He proposed.  I forgot all about how disappointed I was about the race (I remembered the next day, but it wasn’t so bad).

The ring is a beautiful sapphire in yellow gold, with little diamonds on either side.  Very pretty.  I prefer sapphires to diamonds because they are more colorful, and it’s easier to ensure they are conflict free (as it is with little diamonds as well).

That’s really all there is to that.  Lets talk wedding planning!