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First order of business October 22, 2010

Everyone wants to look beautiful when they walk down the aisle, and most brides do.  The combination of a beautiful gown, fancy hair do and the glow of love tends to make every bride look amazing, in my experience.  But most of us are keen to do a little something to help that effect along.

From what I can tell from bridal magazines, the standard course of action is to undergo several extreme therapies a month or so before the wedding, in order to give the bride the temporary illusion of the media’s version of perfection.  This is preceded by months of crash dieting and an exercise routine that consists of two or three leisurely half hour walks a week.  As a bride, I am expected to drop a small fortune on this routine.

Well, I can’t afford all that.  I can’t afford microdermabrasion and teeth whitening and facials and seaweed wraps.  Even if I could afford it, I’m not sure I would want to undergo most of these procedures, as most of them involve products that contain phthalates and parabens and petroleum products and other nasty chemicals that cause cancer, hormonal problems, birth defects, and a slew of other health problems.  No thank you.

Isn’t beauty a reflection of health?  I mean, if you are in perfect health, you should radiate perfect beauty.  You would permanently be the most beautiful you that you could ever be.  It wouldn’t just be a trick brought on by injecting neurotoxins into your face that would fade over time.  It would be real.

So isn’t it in my best interest, health and beauty wise as well as financially, to invest some time into making myself healthy for my wedding, over the long-term?

Either way, it’s the only option I’ve got.

So I’m going to take you on my journey to improve my beauty for my wedding by improving my health.  Over the next few days, I will tell you what I’m doing to ensure that my body, skin, hair, nails and teeth look their absolute best on my wedding day, and every day there after.  It will be cheap, it will be green.