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Guest Lists December 9, 2010

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Now that we’ve chosen our back yard for the reception location, my guest options are truly limited.  I am saddened that there are about 50 people I’d like to invite but can’t.  I am not going to be inviting most of the people I was in the Army with, for example.  I haven’t even seen Jeremy’s family’s guest list yet, but they assure me it will be no more than 30-50 people, and they didn’t think more than 30 would show up.  Now, however, they’re saying that just about everyone wants to come.  Off of my guest list, I expect about 75-90 to show, but God help us if they all do!  There’s not enough room in our back yard!


2 Responses to “Guest Lists”

  1. Shanna Katz Says:

    That sucks. We’re getting worried because we expected a lot of Lisa’s family to choose not to come…and now it sounds like most of them are planning on showing. Which is nice, but totally throws our count off!

  2. jessimonster Says:

    What’s irritating me is that my mother is still refusing to acknowledge that we’re looking at a guest count of 130 people. She keeps saying “Are you inviting 130 people?” No, I’m inviting around 170. I’ve sent her guest lists, she’s never looked at them. The guy from Butler Rents came to check out our yard this weekend, and she kept trying to say ten six foot tables would be enough. That leaves about 30 people without seats!

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